Trip Advice

A Biking Tours Vietnam  tour is an expert-led bicycle journey in Vietnam and Indochina country. We strive to make our cycling tours as good as they can possibly be and constantly fine-tune our services and itineraries. On all our tours we maintain a high standard of service and attention to detail. Through meticulous itinerary planning, careful preparation, thorough staff training and attention to our client’s needs, we deliver a comfortable, safe, fun and enriching travel experience.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or require further advice, please remember you can always contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What to expect

The route is the core feature of a successful cycle tour and we make the effort to weave together enjoyable cycle routes with favourite destinations. As much as we can, we ride point-to-point and make sure we avoid the worst traffic. We linger in the worthwhile places and always take the scenic route. We design all our own itineraries, carefully researching each new route. We constantly review our tours to ensure that we offer the optimum experience. Biking Tours Vietnam  is one of very few specialist cycle tour operators in Vietnam have an excellence experience .

All cyclists need a good sense of balance and we try to strike the right one between price and service for our tours. We provide the very best services and accommodation for our clients without being overly exclusive or expensive. Our tours are fully supported with vehicles, well-trained staff and a full range of top-end equipment. We take very good care of our clients .

Our staff to client ratio is generally one to three. We do not make you fix your own flat tires or clean your own bikes and we certainly don’t assign chores. We provide more comfortable services and accommodation than most operations, but at a similar price.

As our clients usually come from many different directions at different times, our tours have a designated starting point so do not always include pick up at the airport. (Though we are happy to arrange transfers if you need one).

You will meet your cycle guide plus local staff and assistants who are responsible for taking care of you, your bike and to ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy a trouble-free journey with no worries about logistics or timetables.

The tour price includes all accommodation, all meals apart from the occasional lunch on some non-cycling days and maybe a dinner or two in big cities, so you can make some of your own culinary discoveries. Our support vehicles carry your luggage and provide a place for you to rest if you get tired. During the rides, we keep you topped up with water, fruit, soft drinks and snacks and we make sure you get a nice cold drink – and usually a cold towel as well – at the end of each ride.

At the end of the day, we make sure you get a good meal and we clean and prepare your bike for the next day’s riding.

Most meals are included and since so many meals we serve feature local cuisines, we do our best to deliver the real thing. We eat dinner together family style, which means sharing a number of delicious dishes, making sure it is an authentic feast worthy of hardworking and hungry cyclists. There is always enough food to satisfy the heartiest appetite and we provide lots of fruits and vegetables if possible . Drinking water, fruit and snacks are always available in our escort vehicle. Other drinks are not included when not riding, but are widely available at local restaurants and shops along the way. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are available but are not included in the tour price.

We strive to offer a good mix of accommodation on all of our tours, always aiming for local charm. Depending on the tour, we stay at two ,three- or four-star lodges that compliment the local culture and sometimes logistics forces us to become creative. If we have a great cycle route through an area where there isn’t any accommodation, so we will find a local family that is happy to work with us or perhaps set up tents for the night. In isolated or newly developing areas, we are sometimes forced to stay somewhere more basic than we would like, but it is only for one night and we make sure everything is clean and comfortable. And these places are certainly authentic, and often form some of the better memories of your tour.

Visa Advice


Most nationalities require a visa for Vietnam and they can be obtained from any embassy worldwide, here’s a list of locations.


Visas are required for all nationalities except Thai, Malaysian, Philippine, Laotian, Singaporean, Indonesian,Myanmar, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finish.


To receive a Vietnam Visa an Approval Letter issued by the Vietnamese authorities is required in advance


It is a document issued by the Immigration Authorities of Vietnam that entitles the holder to apply for the Vietnamese Visa upon arrival in Vietnam. The Approval Letter works as an invitation from the Government that states the exact dates a person can visit Vietnam within and without it no one will be able to enter the country..


STEP 1 – Forward the passport details to Biking Tours Vietnam

Fullname :

Gender :

Date of birth :

Present Nationality:

Passport number :

Passport expiry date : (must valid at least 6 months)

Type Of Visa : (single or multi-entry)

Entry date :

Exit date :

Port of arrival :

Group size :

We recommend to copy us your passport.

STEP 2 – Biking Tours Vietnam obtains the Visa Approval Letter

We will scan the approval letter and send you by email; you take the pre-approved letter and 2 photos size 4x6cm along with you for getting visa stamped at airport.

 STEP 3 – Getting the visa upon arrival

You must show this visa approval code (visa approval letter) at the airline check-in counter before flying to Vietnam. Upon arrive in Vietnam, You will need to go to “LANDING VISA” counter where your visa will be processed. You need to fill in a form (02 passport photos required – they can be done on the spot) and get the visa stamped by Immigration Officer with Vietnamese visa stamping fee at USD45 for single entry.


Services fee = in advance for Biking Tours Vietnam = US$ 20 per person

This on arrival visa fee applied for the single entry valid in one month and to Vietnam only

Vietnam visa approval (stamp abroad, stamp fee excluded), non-refundable if assistance is not needed

Note: multri entry visa can be surcharge

Stamp fees = direct at the airport on arrival = US$ 45 per person  or US$ 60 for multi-entry



A 15-day visa on arrival can be obtained at all airports and all land border crossings. Fees vary depending on country – US$42 for Canada, US$35 for the USA, UK and most of Europe, and US$30 for Australia and other countries. You’ll need a passport photo, an application form (your guide will provide this to you in advance) and US dollars for the visa fee. At land borders you will be asked to pay nominal (US$1-3) overtime, weekend and other various fees, the amount of which varies at each border crossing.

A visa issued at a Laos consulate abroad is valid for 30 days. When entering Laos with a visa please be sure to obtain an immigration entry stamp. Entering the country on only a visa, and not the proper immigration entry stamp, could subject you to fines and/or penalties.


All nationalities require a visa. A 30 day visa on arrival is available at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Airports and at some land border crossings. You can also obtain a visa online through e-Visa. The e-Visa page provides a list of which checkpoints accept which type of visas. For a list of consulates/embassies abroad go to this page.


Most nationalities require a visa for Myanmar and they can be obtained from any embassy worldwide,  A tourist visa is valid for a single 30 day stay. You must specify your arrival date when applying for a visa and it is from this date that the 30 days will be calculated. When picking up your visa check to be sure the dates match your travel plans and that it is stamped directly into your passport as it will not be accepted if it is stapled in or loose.

If you are coming to Myanmar, you do not have to worry about getting Myanmar Visa as you can get it on Arrival. This is a special procedure by the Immigration Department called Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival . This will save you the hassle of getting a visa sticker on your passport. You no longer have to go to a Myanmar Embassy or send your passport by post, Please contact us so that we can help you to get an approval letter after cycling tour confirmation and cost not included in our tour price .

We  will help you check if you are eligible for Visa on Arrival. It is very important that you check your supporting documents before you travel to Myanmar otherwise you will be deported on the plane you came in if your credentials are not accepted.


Pre-trip Check-up and Vaccinations

Anyone traveling on an adventure holiday should go to see their doctor for a check-up prior to the trip. Some countries will require specific vaccinations and your doctor will have access to the most up to date information about this. It is also a good idea to have a dental check-up before you go, as the facilities in many of the countries to which we travel may not be of the same standard as you are used to.

Personal First Aid Kit

Although every our cycle tours trip carries a medical kit, it is advisable to bring a supply of first aid items for your own personal use. Here is a sample list:

  • Insect repellent.
  • Antiseptic cream.
  • Suncream and total bloc.
  • Throat lozenges or hard sweets.
  • Painkillers. Aspirin, Paracetamol etc.
  • Anti-diarrhoea (Diocalm or Immodium).
  • Plasters (band-aids) and ‘Second Skin’ for blisters.
  • Antibiotics. A broad-spectrum antibiotic (such as Ciproxin) suitable for a variety of infections.
  • Re-hydration salts. (Dioralite).
  • Dextrose glucose tablets.
  • Multi-vitamin tablets.

 What to Bring

It is important that the clothing you take on your cycling holiday is appropriate for the trip you have chosen. There is a fine balance between taking too much and too little, especially considering that you need to equip yourself for differing levels of physical exertion and also for a range of climatic conditions.

On most days your main luggage will be stowed out of reach while we ride, so it is a good idea to bring a day bag or small rucksack to have quick access.

A suggested list will be included in your pre-departure information, but here is some of the items that you will find on it:

  • Cycling helmet (mandatory) ( if you do not want to use our helmet or bring your own bike )
  • Bandana or sweat band
  • Cycling gloves
  • Buff or similar
  • Biking glasses
  • Stiff soled cycling shoes / SPD shoes ( Can bring sunning shoes )
  • Cycling tops – long or short sleeved depending on climate
  • Lightweight fleece top
  • Lightweight waterproof breathable biking jacket
  • Padded cycling shorts
  • Baggy overshorts or trousers (for propriety)
  • Cycling tights (if in a cold climate)
  • Sun hat
  • Miscellaneous
  • Towel
  • Sarong
  • Torch/Head Lamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun cream.
  • Sun block for lips. Burnt lips hurt and take a long time to heal.
  • Camera. You’d be silly not to.
  • Spare batteries. For camera and flashlights.
  • Toilet kit. Suggestions: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, moisture lotion, razor and shaving cream, tampons etc. (there won’t be any convenience stores nearby)
  • First Aid – see Health for more info
  • Electrolyte powder or tablets
  • Ear plugs.
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bike Kit (if bringing your own bike)
  • Bike ( If you do not want to use our bike )
  • Pump
  • Allan keys
  • Chain lubricant
  • Inner tubes
  • Tire levers Puncture repair kit
  • Tires
  • Bike water bottle (if you don’t want to use  our’bottle)

Please be aware that if you have a high tech bike – full suspension, disk brakes, hydraulic brakes – we do not carry tools or parts for fixing all of these components, so please bring your own or you might even consider bringing a more basic bike.